A Shaman's Path To Healing
Energy Healing of the Light Body and MORE

Located in South-Central Virginia Outside of Charlottesville

The Basics and Basis of the Shamanic Healing Style and Additional Services

         The healing style used is based upon the Four Winds Society teachings that come out of the Peruvian Andes from indigenous shamanic healers called the Laika. The approach used for the energy work with the Light Energy Field that surrounds all our bodies is designed to deactivate certain imprints found in the LEF and ultimately to dissolve the harmful imprints. The Light Energy Field has a great effect on the physical body. A myriad of ancient techniques are employed, depending upon the particular issue of the moment, to accomplish these adjustments.  
          "Seeing" energy is something that westerners have, for the most part, lost their ability to do with the dawning of the scientific age, if not before. Westerners, through their religious mythologies, believe they were banished from the Garden of Eden (nature) and subsequently have to done battle with Mother Nature ever since. Indiginous peoples around the world, not sharing these Western myths, never left the garden and through their healers have never lost their abilities to "see" light (energy) nor their abilities to harmonize with nature.

What Services We Offer in the Charlottesville Area

Servicing Waynesboro, Fabor, Lovingston, Lynchburg, Wintergreen, and Crozet

Energy healing of the Light Energy Field 
These sessions are offered on site and usually take from thirty minutes to two hours.

Using Various Techniques to Bring to Consciousness One’s Shadows 
Shadows are those negative behaviors and thoughts that prevent us from escaping repetitive negative cycles that keep us attached to the triangle of disempowerment.  

Doing and/or Developing Rites of Passage Ceremonies
This is done for individuals and/or their loved ones. In the current cultures of the Western world true rites of passage do not happen.  

Helping One to Re-enter the Garden
The Garden is nature, the place from which Western civilization was expelled according to Christian, Judaic and Islamic ancient writings. Of course this is a generalization but the core of the statement, metaphorically, and thus culturally, is true. Our conquering and settling ancestors accepted their place outside the Garden and thus, so have we.

Consensus Building--giving everyone a stake in the decision.  This includes information on group dynamics.  This service is done for no fee.

Life Coaching 
How to access resources for problem solving and how to learn problem solving strategies and acquire the right tools.

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