Kathy Bonham was born in 1944 in Bluefield, W.Va. She graduated from High School from Johnson High School located on Johnson Air Force Base Near Fusa, Japan in 1969. She has a BA degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Political Science, A JD degree from the University of Miami, Florida in Law and a MS degree in Space (as in outer) Studies from the University of North Dakota. She practiced law for 30 years in Denver, Colorado and volunteered as a Galaxie Guide for five years at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the hands on Space Odyssey exhibit there. Immediately after law school she received a Reginal Heber Smith Legal Services Fellowship that placed her with the Navajo, now Dine, Legal Service (DNA) in Window Rock, Arizona and then to the Papago, now Tohono O'odham, Legal Services in Sells Arizona. 

She now lives and is a resident of south central Virginia near Nellysford. She has studied healing the light body through the Four Winds Society located in Park City, Utah and continues to study and practice shamanic healing of the light energy field (light body, aura) through A Shaman's Heart with Debra and Jim Wray.  Jim is a retired physicist and shaman and Debra is a shaman who has been studying and practicing healing for about 15 years as well as working with a shaman from Peru, in Peru.  Kathy has also studied Dowsing with Raymond Grace and has begun to study the teachings of Tom Brown Jr. at his Tracker School near Waretown, NJ.  She continues to study a variety of energy healing methods and techniques.

Her life long passion, since she was about 12 years old, has been photography and writing creative prose and poetry.  Since retiring from Law she has developed the notion she calls Photographic Abstract Rendering and you may visit her website at photoabstractrendering.com and see her public books at www.Blurb.com through their bookstore by typing in her name in the bookstore's search bar.  Most all of her books are open so that every page may be viewed.  She also has done numerous prints.  The books and prints are also available at the Valley Green Gallery in Nellysford, Virginia.

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