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The garden is that place from which our western cultural mythology tells us we were cast out.  The garden is nature.  Methodologically, metaphorically and literally we are alienated from her.  We seek out nature's beauty and peace for respites, for salvation from our anxieties and tensions of our evryday worlds.  We go to view her and rest within her and sometimes to hike and camp upon her.  It is a place to go not a place in which we live.  We long for it but it remains outside, feared for her extremes and her creatures and when she becomes a nuisance we destroy her creatures and her vegetation.  We stomp on tiny invasions of our homes and kill annoying critters like mice, squirrels, racoons, skunks, coyotes, foxes and bears.  We sport hunt her "game."  But we long for her, nevertheless.  We cringe at the thought of rats and roaches yet we long ago invited them to feast on our discarded crumbs and mounds of trash.

Reclaiming her requires a transformation of our relationship to her.  Our minds, bodies and souls must, as we say, go through a sea change, haveReclaiming her requires a t brain surgery and finally accept that we are not here to dominate her but we are a part of her, figuratively and literally.  We have to construct a new Reclaiming her requires a t for our bodies and brains.

Indigenous healers, shaman, medicine men and women, are charged with being stewards of Mother Nature by helping her to cure herself and find her balance.  

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