A Higher Power 9/26/13 : Shamanistic Healing

A Higher Power 9/26/13

by Kathy Bonham on 09/26/13

            I use the term higher power as a neutral and non-offending noun for my higher consciousness.  I was born helpless.  In my case my mother and father gave me the necessary sustenance to live and grow up.  So naturally I would have a sense of something greater than myself to continue giving me that sustenance.  So I create god.  This could be God, the universe, a higher power, spirit or, in my case, my higher consciousness.  Most likely all are valid and probably represent the same energetic force. 

  Every now and then, I have consciously communicated with this power.  So, to some extent, I have experienced my soul.  I think that for me to accept concepts such as spirit, to incorporate that into my essence and not just my intellect, I have to personally experience such connections.  I do not think I am unique is this regard.

At times I see my soul as a piece of a great consciousness that is attempting to purify itself as it experiences life through the various forms of life on Earth.  This consciousness is attempting to become whole but cannot until it purges itself of personality and individuality.  Does this mean then that, I ask myself, I accept the concept of past lives?  Maybe.  But I do suspect that, as quantum physics suggests, everything is happening at once.  If that is so, then there is really only one life for my soul experiencing everything now, masked by the concept of time. 

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