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Shadow Pieces and Making Room

by Kathy Bonham on 11/07/13

Shadow Pieces and Making Room

November 7, 2013
Shadow pieces are the parts of our personalities, our behaviors that we have not recognized, that are hidden from us but not from others.  These are behaviors, attitudes, postures and perceptions that we don't like to experience in other people.  The behaviors we like the least in others are most likely traits unrecognized in ourselves.   I just recently had such an "opportunity" to painfully see my own shadow pieces fired back at me with great anger and force.  For a while I wrapped myself up in blame directed toward the other's behavior and justifications for my own behavior.  Slowly I began to see shadows thrown from my own being towards my friend.  I am now going through a process of engagement with those pieces, throwing them into the spotlight so I can identify them and claim them as my own. 

What good does this do?  Once I recognize these pieces as my own, then I can become aware of how I throw them upon others and begin to withdraw my claws and look inward.  I see this as gathering and eliminating trash that has accumulated in my mind, my personality, my essence.  Some say it is not necessary or advisable to try to rid oneself of the these negative forces, that recognition is enough.  Perhaps, unnecessarily, I sense that I must illuminate them and let them go to the extent that I no longer need to project them on others.

By doing this I make room in my mind, personality, essence and/or spirit for allowing more of the beauty of life and of the unseen world to find their way into my perceptions, so I may become a more powerful receiver of the vastness of the mysteries all around me.  

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