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The Importance of re-Framing

by Kathy Bonham on 10/13/13

The Importance of  Re-framing         

David Swimm, cosmologist, advocates that we learn a new myth for helping us to not only relate to the planet Earth but also to teach us the morality lessons necessary to help us relate to the true position of life on Earth.  Earth is the "Tiny Pale Dot," as Carl Sagan called Earth, as seen by one of the Voyagers that took the Family Portrait of part of the Solar System as this Voyager sailed toward Jupiter. 

The vast majority of our mythology was formed long ago when the Earth was considered the center of the universe and even flat and very young.  This mythology was formed in a time that human beings stood as masters of the Earth and the only intelligent life anywhere and superior to all other life forms.  Our mythologies were mostly tribally formed and had to do with "the others" and us.  It taught local survival.  That is not to say that hidden deep within a great deal of these myths were the messages of what we in the West like to call "How to Find the Holy Grille" and what all that might mean to any given person or tribe or group. 

The concept of living on The Spaceship Earth, as Buckminster Fuller called our planet, that has as its neighborhood the Solar System of planets, a star and lots of meteors, comets and asteroids.  Beyond this neighborhood is the Galaxy of the Milky Way, one of perhaps billions or trillions of galaxies and certainly our sun is one of billions of stars if not trillions of stars.  Then there is the fact that the Earth, and our neighborhood, the Solar System, and our foreign world, the Milky Way are all speeding around stars and dark matter.  When I say speeding I am talking about mind boggling speeds.  Our sun will die but long before that the Earth will have become uninhabitable because the sun is getting hotter.

We are on a spaceship and we are all pilots.  Our spaceship is doomed.  So what do we do in anticipation of that?  We are a life form that is still squabbling and warring over irrelevant differences.  How will we ever become a united crew that will pilot the Earth and build and pilot the spaceships that will replace the Earth and take us into the Cosmos?

A small but vital step is to reframe our vision of ourselves in relationship to our planet by creating a mythology that reflects our smallness, the spinning Earth, the star that has finite life, the unknown out there in orbits that will bring mysterious objects right by our planet or into our planet at any time?  We need to learn not to say sunrise and sunset for both our untrue.  We notice the curvature of our planet and we recognize that we inhabit a spaceship with all life upon which we depend for our survival until we have escaped the Earth's hold on us in other spaceships bound for cosmos.


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