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Shadow Pieces, Integrity and Intent

                 Shadow pieces are the parts of our conscious awareness that lie hidden from view. They are just below the surface of awareness but they play havoc with our lives. They are just below the surface of awareness but they play havoc with our lives. One might say that they are a big part of our personalities but parts of which we have little or no consciousness. For example Instant negative judgments of people are possible shadow pieces. Finding fault and feeling irritation about certain mannerisms and habits of others and losing our tempers when we have "had it" could be another shadow piece as well as automatic negative thoughts, feelings and reactions. We throw these shadows of ours out upon the other and blame the other for what are our own feelings and thoughts. This is not psychoanalytical projection but a literal throwing out upon the other our own negative processes unconsciously. This is not psychological analysis. One way to approach these hidden feelings, thoughts, reactions that we project and see the other person as having them and not us is to use methods such as The Triangle of Disempowerment in a variety of ways.
                There are a variety of other exercises that are used as well to start the process of empowerment and to understand what our options are for the realities we want to create for ourselves.

Rites of Passages

                     Formal, community involved and witnessed, these rites are to be somewhat of a difficult separation from things of the previous period from which one is leaving, and involving some form of physical endurance, a conscious intention for what lies ahead, a recognition and honoring of what has to die and a welcoming of a new birth of body and soul that informs the entire physical and spiritual being. This is to be an unforgettable experience. It is not a party nor the finale of a learning religious treatises and customs. It is visceral and it is, when accomplished, a celebration. In non-indigenous cultures these rites, for the most part, are not practiced or even known. These passages are our life's major transitions:  childhood to approximately fourteen to adulthood, adulthood to elder-hood. These rites are to always to be males with males and females with females and with as large of a "community" that can be gathered and yet will be available for the transitioner throughout that person's life. This is certainly achievable with the technology we now have.                   
                                    What is so important about these rites? We live in no particular fixed communities from birth to death. If we have relatives they are most likely scattered to the four winds and not particularly active nor available to us in our lives. Our friends too are scattered around the country and for some around the world. Unless a rite has been our lives. Our friends too are scattered around the country and for some around the world. Unless a rite has been performed and the community involved has (every individual) committed itself to be a constant community for the one who has passed through the rite, then individual involvement is hit and miss and mostly lackadaisical. Again individual intent is key. 

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Life Coaching

                                      I have no specific training in Life Coaching.  My training comes from my experiences from 30 years of Law Practice in the trenches, all that you see on this site, my age of 68 going on 69, my creative endeavors (see www.photographsextreme, www.Blurb.com and go to bookstore and my name to see my books, and About Us on this site), and my travels.  Although it may not seem relevant, my Masters Degree in Space Studies has informed my sense of awe and wonder.  In Life Coaching I use all of my training, education, experience, and energy healing knowledge.  As always my rates are very reasonable.